One of the most important aspects of how to start your day off right, is by clean eating, as clean eating is what you choose to eat. Now this does not mean just planning meals according to the grade school food pyramid; It means that whatever you choose to eat, the closer it is to its natural state, the the better it is for you. In plain simple words, the best thing to start doing its by avoiding foods that have been refined, processed, or preserved, really it is just better to go natural to benefit from inherent nutrients without the chemicals or preservatives that may reduce a food’s natural goodness.

When you are trying to eat clean, it is also a good idea to eat organic. In this day and age, enhancements and hormone treatments have crept into all kinds of foods; This ends up having an adverse effect on your health even if you are eating what you should in all the right quantities; a little vigilance goes a long way. When grocery shopping always read the labels, as they give away everything you need to know about the food you are buying. In general, the more ingredients a product contains, the higher chances there are that the food is processed. Even if you try eating healthy, there is a chance that the products you buy may contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and colors that make the healthy, unhealthy, so as mentioned read the label to make sure that the yogurt you add to your bowl of berries is not going to ruin your clean eating.

Here is kicker guys, the simplest trick to star your day right is to est clean and to remember that clean eating equals is to eating a nutrient dense meal. Start adding some greens as is the bare minimum to jumpstart into clean eating. Try your hardest to incorporate leafy greens into whatever you are preparing for healthy servings of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as increased fiber, which boosts your metabolism by assisting digestion. Leafy greens fill you up with the least number of calories but the most amount of nutrients, they help you to be healthy with just one color, really this is an easy place to start and with the myriad smoothie and salad recipes out there today, leafy greens can always find a way into your diet.

Now that we have talked about adding nutrient dense foods into your diet, let us talk about omission. The devil to omit is artificial sugar, drop that can of soda, say no to that candy, and you will be on your way to clean eating. Watch how your energy stabilizes and your mood lifts when you leave out artificial sugar that plays havoc with your blood sugar levels.

Bottom line, clean eating does not have to be difficult or intimidating, the key is to start small and implement easy, gradual changes into your regular eating habits to get yourself on the right path toward better health.

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