Hydration Challenge –  Vitamin Drinks

How did you get on yesterday with figuring out how much water to drink each day? Were you surprised to see that you could do with drinking more water or were you happy with what you found? Comment below and let me know, or share your discoveries at our facebook page.

Hopefully you’ve now got your starting point for your ideal intake and over the next couple of days, we’ll be working on new ways to get to this point.

Today I’m going to discuss how you can do this through drinking water that its fortified with vitamins and minerals. As well as helping you to get more water, it will also give you boost of important minerals such as potassium.

You can liven up plain water by adding the juice from fresh fruit. Try lime to give a citrus twist, for example, if you don’t like the taste of plain water and don’t usually drink it as a result, this is perfect for encouraging you to get into the habit of drinking water regularly ( I personally drink room temperature water, in order to meet my water needs).

Task tIme!

Grab a vitamin drink or add some fresh fruit to a glass of water to liven it up. What will your choice be today? Comment below and let me know what you’ll be doing for this task.

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