It is important to make a conscious effort toward developing healthy eating habits to maintain your weight and for your overall well-being. Here are a few healthy vegan snacks and their ingredients to help you stock up your pantry and develop a healthier lifestyle for a happy life.

FROZEN GRAPES: This is an easy, refreshing summer snack.

KALE CHIPS: If you are craving something salty, try some kale chips as your vegan snack. They are available at the market in many flavors, but you can also make them at home following some great recipes from the internet or even youtube.

RAWNOLA: Another is chewy Rawnola, which is naturally sweetened with Medjool dates. Add some almond milk to a 1/2 cup of the cereal and you have a heavenly breakfast loaded with essential nutrients.

SMOOTHIES: These are a healthy, nourishing, filling snack, packed with nutrients. You can make a green smoothie by adding green ingredients you love along with some nutritional superfoods and drink up on the go for a great day ahead, it is also an easy way to incorporate more veggies into your eating habits.

POPSICLES: They are a great way to crush those snack cravings, and the possibilities are endless. Try a mango ginger popsicles, which are zingy and refreshing while extremely easy to make.

BAKED SWEET POTATOES FRIES: Craving fries? this is pretty common for my husband. Baked sweet potato fries are oil-free fries that won’t harm your diet, they are also a delicious snack for anytime or simply cut them a different way and have some sweet potato toast.

MIXED BERRIES WITH CINNAMON: This is more than your average bowl of fruit. Mash up some of your favorite berries to your desired consistency and sprinkle some with ground cinnamon. This bowl of goodness is loaded with antioxidants and easily satisfies your sweet tooth without sabotaging your diet.

Stock your pantry with the right items to ensure you are prepared when those snack cravings strike!

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Yours in Health and Wellness,

Ricbell Bellafiore

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