Beginner’s Guide to Nutrition

This program provides you with practical information and tools to create a strong foundation for optimal health . This practical information and tips will help you start making small improvements to your health.

START SLOWLYFeel free to skim this  and get a few nuggets. 

USE IT FOR PRACTICE. Feel free to pick something out of this 

guide- Portion Sizing, Cravings, whatever you like-and work on it.

**Downloadable Product**


  • Weight Management – Covering the Basics 101, Secrets to the Last 5 Pounds and 3 Flat belly Strategies to  Look good on that Dress.

  • Cravings – Bust the Sugar Devil Part I, Energy Quick Fix, Bust the Sugar Devil Part II, Cravings for Tastes and Textures besides Sugar.

  • Eat Right for Sustained Energy – Portion Control, The most Common Red Flags, Boost your Mental Clarity.

  • Assignments on each Topic – To help you achieve changes that will benefit your overall Health and Wellness.

  • Fat Loss Exercise Plan – How to guide  and Videos.

  • Recipes – Delicious Meals for Weight Management, High Energy, Eating for Happiness, Grocery Shopping List and a  Preparation Guide.

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