Mindset for Success

When you face challenges in adapting positive dietary and lifestyle changes, and wanting to just go back to the old familiar way of eating, ask yourself- what is it costing you not to take action?

And you need to go deep, and think of not just the immediate consequeses but keep asking “then what?” – until you get to the bottom of it and tab into the emotions that come with the outcome. Ask yourself “then what?” at least 5 times, see where it takes you.

For example,

the immediate goal maybe to lose 10 pounds. Then what? I will be able to fit into those skinny jeans.

Then what? I will feel good about myself.

Then what? I will have self-confidence to start dating again.

In this example, the emotion that is tied to losing 10 pounds ir regaining self confidence.


Pick one or two of your health and wellness goals, and ask yourself the bigger WHY. Write down your answers in a ournal, dig deep until you find the emotional connecyed to the outcome, and keep your answers handy. This is what you go back to when you feel discouraged or fall of the wagon.

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